Interviews for a position at the firm

Sceptre Investment Management Ltd. has an unusual policy for hiring. We are an equal opportunity employer and therefore generally do not meet, request a CV or see the name of applicants for positions before they apply. You should not email the company, in order not to breach this rule and make it impossible to then subsequently offer employment. A standard set of questions forming a question bank is available to every applicant and they are invited to answer 10 of 20 posed except the final question no.21 which is compulsory and to ensure they keep the answers to less than 1 page of text which may be scanned by a machine.

Questions are likely to change at random intervals. There is no deadline for application.

You may send your answers anonymously to:

Current question bank:

  1. Who was the greater fool Don Quixote or Sancho Panza?

  2. What is 1 divided by zero?

  3. Is the above result greater than itself minus one?

  4. Which authors died on the same day, but also 10 days apart and how?

  5. What are the prime factors of the answer to life?

  6. Who is John Galt?

  7. What does Euler's equation show us about time travel?

  8. Who was the Princess of Parallelograms?

  9. Would you follow the White Rabbit and why?

  10. What time is it now. What time is it in Oxford?

  11. Which is more admirable to you; gold or bitcoin?

  12. Why the Manhattan Project?

  13. What is the most unusual aspect of Life?

  14. Was the Vox in excelso just?

  15. Moons of Zoso: discuss?

  16. Which is rarer Asthma or all the rare diseases put together?

  17. Which game can Joshua not win?

  18. How many words are there in the 1934 edition of Security Analysis?

  19. Are there more possible games of chess or atoms in universe?

  20. How do you escape a Catch-22 situation?

  21. Compulsory question: Can you think of an independent person would vouch for your integrity? How would they scale you on a ranking of 1-10 and why?