Compliance and Regulatory Notice

Sceptre Investment Management Ltd. is not yet regulated or authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority or the SEC in the United States. The firm is in the process of applying for Appointed Representative status.

The predecessor entity, Sceptre Investment Management Ltd., (subsequently renamed Ertpecs Limited), co. number 05399692, was regulated by the FSA from 2005-2010 on the Financial Services Register entry: 431131. The Director was personally registered with the FSA and then FCA at Sceptre and Longview Partners LP and LLP between 2005-2021 with reference number LGH01018. (ref:

Sceptre Investment Management Ltd. and Ptarmigan Holdings Ltd. are subsidiaries of Howard Taylor Investments Ltd. (

No financial advice or other regulated activities are currently undertaken by the company. 

This website is made available for information and archival purposes only.