Communications Policy

The company does not prefer email correspondence. The following methods of communication are preferred, in the following order:

1. Face-to-face meetings, if mutually convenient.

2. Video conference., preferrably Google Meet.

3. Telephone.

4. WhatsApp Messaging service (for short urgent messages requiring same-day attention)

5. E-mail.

Note the company maintains only three external email addresses:

Other than the latter address, you should assume that all staff have access to all email correspondence in the organisation. All communication, wherever possible is recorded and stored for Compliance purposes and analytics. All non-solicited advertisements or other material of a similar nature will be transferred to spam. Frequent spamming may result in automated counter-measures being invoked.

All data, including phone data, is kept for compliance with applicable regulatory and government legislation wherever practicably possible and for analytics to improve our ability to serve our clients.

The Company seeks to avoid, wherever possible, making public comments on investments held by our clients. We welcome accurate reporting of our activities by informed journalists: please do contact us using the above methods if you intend to publish material on the firm, we are happy to engage if required.